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ASAŞ Filtration and the MBA students of Valparaiso University’s School of Business, under the leadership of Dr. Musa Pınar, a respected professor in Marketing, have joined forces for an efficient project. This innovative initiative aims to meticulously examine ASAŞ Filtration’s product portfolio’s positioning in the dynamic and competitive US market. With Professor Musa Pınar’s significant guidance, the valuable MBA students will prepare a comprehensive analysis specifically tailored for the US market. Their insights will delve into the nuances of market trends, consumer behaviors, and competitive dynamics shaping the American business landscape. The resulting market report will potentially serve as a key resource for Turkish filter manufacturers looking to enter and expand in the US market. ASAŞ is proud to lead the creation of this resource and contribute to the Turkish automotive filter industry. With the expertise of Valparaiso University’s esteemed MBA students, ASAŞ reaffirms its commitment to closely follow global market trends and lead in innovation. This significant project not only offers valuable contributions to Turkish manufacturers aiming to advance in the dynamic US market but also strengthens ASAŞ Filtration’s position as an industry leader.

Last week, a meeting was held to kick off this important project with Professor Musa Pınar and ASAŞ executives Mehmet Fatih Yalçınkaya (Chairman), Onur Güven (CEO), and Çisel Ölçer (Marketing and Business Development Director). This meeting laid the groundwork for the detailed analysis that the MBA students of Valparaiso University’s School of Business will conduct under Prof. Pınar’s guidance. The senior leadership of ASAŞ, its commitment to quality, and the principle of continuous improvement were highlighted in this gathering. We already thank Professor Musa Pınar and the students for their efforts in initiating this valuable project.

ASAŞ Filtration

January 9, 2024