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Established in 1972, Asaş Filtration initiated production for foreign and Middle Eastern markets promptly after its inception. Subsequently, in 1980, we underwent a relocation operation to our present location, concurrently augmenting our production capacity.

In 1990, Asaş Filtration strategically expanded into the European market, assuming a more assertive position in the global arena. By 1992, we further diversified our product portfolio by initiating production for the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) segment.

Distinguished by an unwavering commitment to quality standards, we intensified our efforts in the realm of quality systems. In 1994, a significant milestone was achieved by securing the ISO 9000 Quality System Certificate. Building upon this achievement, we elevated our sectoral standing by obtaining the QS 9000 Quality System Certificate in 1998.

In 1998, signaling a new era of innovation, we inaugurated our Research and Development (R&D) Department. This commitment to innovation bore fruit in 2002 when we broke new ground in the industry by securing the ISO TS 16949 Quality System Certificate. Emphasizing our dedication to environmental standards, we obtained the ISO 14001 Quality System Certificate in 2004.

The year 2007 witnessed the inauguration of a new export warehouse, bolstering our logistics capacity. Additionally, we reaffirmed our commitment to occupational health and safety by acquiring the OHSAS 18001 Quality System Certificate in 2008. The opening of the Arifiye Factory in 2011 marked another milestone, contributing to the continuous expansion of our production capacity.

The pivotal year of 2020 marked another significant chapter in Asaş Filtration’s history. Securing the ISO 45001 Quality System Certificate, we solidified our leadership in the sector by embracing a contemporary and comprehensive quality management system. Looking ahead, Asaş Filtration is poised for further growth and development as we strategically plan new investments.